Crown Seal Public Company Limited registered the Carbon Footprint for Organization (CFO)

Crown Seal Public Company Limited supports activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and giving importance to greenhouse gas management throughout the value chain. Staring from the procurement of raw materials, Improving the efficiency of production processes and energy consumption. Greenhouse gas emissions from industry is one of the issues that directly affect global temperature increases and climate change that cause natural disasters and risks to environmental changes as well as people’s life. The Company is aware of its responsibility to be one of the greenhouse gas emissions in the industry by preparation of Carbon Footprint for Organization (CFO) to show the amount of greenhouse gases emitted  and taken for evaluation by using energy efficiency enhancement as well as raising awareness of the use of natural resources and taking care of the environment among employees to further reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions sustainably. The Company has passed certification and registration to “Carbon Footprint for Organization: CFO” in accordance with the standards and requirements of Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) and already received the Certificate Standard TGO Guidance of the Carbon Footprint for Organization.