About CSC

Crown Seal Public Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of Crown Caps, Pilfer-Proof Caps, Maxi Caps, Plastic Caps and Composite Cap used as bottling and container seals for products namely carbonated drinks, milk, beer, liquor, soda, drinking water and medical supplies including the hand-held capping machine and Maxi-Cap Sealing machine. Furthermore the Company also earns the revenue from the printed sheets service. Crown Seal Public Company Limited was established in 1968 by receiving technological supports from Nippon Closures Co., Ltd., a company in Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Co., Ltd. of Japan. With the high quality products and sufficient production capacity, the Company has distributed the products to leading customers both in country and overseas. Throughout the operational period of being engaged in the business of caps and closures packaging, the Company has developed and built up long standing relations with the customers by firmly adhering to the productions of quality products and creating satisfactions to the customers which, in this respect, leading technology from Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Co., Ltd., is used in the productions. In addition, the Company has still devoted its utmost effort and firmly determined at all out endeavor possible to step forward in becoming the leader in packaging in the future.


Offer broader packaging products besides our leading quality cap and closures with operational and people excellence, innovative products, and total solutions in order to achieve sustainability. Research and develop products to enter broader packaging and other innovative products.


  • Research and develop products to enter broader packaging and other innovative products.
  • Provide safe and high-quality packaging products.
  • Provide operational excellence through innovative and continuous improvement.
  • Offer total solutions to customers.
  • Optimize profit margin.
  • Enhance CSC core values including safe and happy workplace to be organizational culture.
  • Comply to good corporate governance and become sustainable organization.

Core Values

  • Customer first
  • Quality first
  • Employee value
  • Social Responsibility

Board & Executive