Capping machine

Capping machine : For crimping crown cap and maxi series which is easy to use and hand-carry.


Hand-Crowner is specially designed to crimp crown caps tightly. It is efficient in protecting the product inside. The hand crowner is easy to use and hand-carry.

Maxi Crimping Machine

A single-head, pneumatic Maxi crimping machine can be used to crimp all Maxi series. It is designed with high technology to achieve utmost sealing performance.

Pilfer-Proof Cap Crimping Machine

Pilfer-Proof Cap Crimping Machine is a semi-automatic single head capping machine, which can be used with both the 28SHL and 28STD caps. The machine seals a cap with a bottle effectively and can maintain the quality of a product packed inside. This single head capping machine is specially designed to support 220 V electricity.