Crown Seal Public Company Limited is commited to promote best practices in sustainability.Besides customers, employees and suppliers, we also take environment and social into account. To become a sustainable growth business, the company conducts the business in accordance with ESG that concern the impact on the environment, society and governance.


To step into sustainable business development, the company is committed to develop innovative products that can help improve people’s quality of life and also contribute to the solutions of environmental problems.


Crown Seal Public Company Limited has researched and developed new raw materials to produce plastic caps. The caps are produced with current raw material mixed with 30% of Biobased plastic to be part of reducing environmental problems. The caps produced include Aseptic cap for PCO1881 bottle and Drinking water caps (29/25 Closure). In the future, there are plans to expand to other types of caps and increase the amount of Biobased plastic used in the production


Our commitment is to develop sustainable packaging by using eco-friendly, recyclable or reusable materials and manage the use of energy, water and waste.

“GREEN PRODUCT “Bio-Plastic”

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Crown Seal Public Company Limited organized Safety & Energy day for the year2019

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Crown Seal Public Company Limited operates an ethical supply chain by being responsible to employees, customers and suppliers. The company concerns at the impact a company has on its employees, local communities and society. Health, well-being and safety of employees are our priorities. The company complies with Human and Workplace Rights Guidance.

Crown Seal Public Company limited under “You Share You Give” project donated money and stuffs to Rangsit babies’ home

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Crown Seal Public Company Limited participates in making merit in offering food to the monks. Rajavithi Hospital 2 (Rangsit) will official open to general hospital and accident hospital.

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Donated 200 survival bags to help those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) at Wat Sai Suwan Temple

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Crown Seal Public Company Limited complies to good corporate governance to become sustainable organization. The company commits to conduct business based on moral principles and be responsible to all groups of stakeholders in accordance with good corporate governance and the Company’s Code of Conduct emphasis on fair treatment, honesty, transparency and accountability, which is in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance “Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption” to express the intention and determination to combat all forms of corruption.

ในปี 2559 บริษัทฯ ได้เข้าร่วมใน “แนวร่วมปฏิบัติของภาคเอกชนไทยในการต่อต้านการทุจริต” เพื่อแสดงเจตนารมณ์และความมุ่งมั่นในการต่อต้านการทุจริตคอร์รัปชั่นทุกรูปแบบ