Crown Seal Public Company Limited participated in the PROPAK ASIA 2023 exhibition at BITEC Bangna on 14-17 June 2023

         During the exhibition held at the Crown Seal booth, an array of new packaging products was unveiled, including the Spout Cap with a size of 38 mm, specifically designed for Dry Food and Pet Food applications. Additionally, Lug Caps in sizes of 30 mm MTO, 38 mm RTB, and 63 mm RTS were introduced for food and beverage packaging purposes. The company’s Research and Development division also showcased innovative advancements, notably in the field of Bio Plastic caps and CS-Plus caps, aiming to contribute to the reduction of environmental issues. Moreover, the company took the opportunity to present its commendable sustainability initiatives. These encompassed various activities, such as Waste Management programs, the production of Coasters Made From Recycled Plastics, an Invention Contest involving Used Plastic Caps, and the creation of Floor Blocks utilizing Waste Plastic Caps. These environmentally conscious endeavors captivated the interest of both local and international visitors, establishing a notable presence for the company during the event.