The company has a policy to pay dividends at a rate of not more than 50 % of the annual net profit. According to Section 116 of the Public Company Limited Act B., the company must reserve not less than 5% of the annual net profit deducted by the accumulated amount brought forward (if any), which depends on cash flow and Future investment plans of the company and other necessities.
  1. Preferred shares are entitled to receive dividends together with ordinary shares at the same rate as common shares. and is entitled to receive an additional dividend of 1.50 baht per share.
  2. Preferred shares have the right to vote one share per one vote.
  3. Preferred shares have the right to convert into ordinary shares at the rate of 1 preferred share per 1 common share. together with the return of the share certificates to the Company under the rules, conditions and methods specified by the company